What is fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship is a relationship between a funder (typically an individual, company, foundation, or government), a service provider (the person/group who carries out the programs/activities the funder is supporting), and a non-profit organization who can accept funds on the service provider’s behalf. Basically, it allows a person/group to “borrow” our 501(c)3 status to accept donations that are tax-deductible for the funder.


Who can apply for fiscal sponsorship through NWA Creative Arts Network?

Individual artists & groups that are members of the NWA Creative Arts Network are able to apply for fiscal sponsorship. If you are not currently a member, you can sign up here.


What projects do you sponsor?

Our mission as an organization is to connect artists with economic opportunities through production, promotion, and education. If you are looking to produce your art, promote your art, or further educate yourself in the creative industry, we want to help!


How are projects chosen for sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship applications are reviewed monthly. Only projects that align with our mission will be considered for sponsorship. All applications are reviewed by our board of directors who have the final decision on whether a project is accepted. Decisions made by the board of directors are final and may not be appealed.


My project was accepted to be sponsored - what exactly does that mean?

It means that you can solicit donations/sponsorships/grants for your project with the promise that the donation is tax-deductible for the donor. Donors make payments directly to NWA Creative Arts Network on your behalf, and receive receipts that satisfy IRS requirements for charitable donations. Once payment has cleared our accounts, we cut a check to you or your group based on the timeline and goals set forth in your agreement.  


Does NWA Creative Arts Network charge for fiscal sponsorship?

Currently, we do not charge an administrative fee for basic sponsorships up to $600. The only applicable fees you may incur are credit card processing fees, in which you’ll receive the amount of the donation, minus the nominal fee (typically 2.75%) we are charged to process the credit card. You can avoid these fees by arranging for payment by a check. For sponsorships above $600, an administrative fee 5-10% will apply, in addition to any transaction fees.


What does the administrative fee pay for?

This small fee helps cover staff costs associated with fiscal sponsorship, including payment processing, receipt issuance, bookkeeping, and IRS reporting.


What other services does NWA Creative Arts Network provide for fiscally sponsored projects?

We want to see your project succeed! If you need help with fundraising, budget management, marketing, or anything else, we are happy to consult.


How do I apply for fiscal sponsorship through NWA Creative Arts Network?

First - make sure you are a member of the network! You can join here. From there, you can apply online here

Have a question? Send an email to Lauren@nwacan.org


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